Australian Walkabout in China

Phase II of our walkabout plans begin next week

We have been at home in Melbourne for the past four months, and apart from a couple of quick camping trips with visiting family, we have been leading a pretty quiet life.

We were fortunate to have my sister and husband visit us in February for 10 days as part of their Australian adventure, and we have just fare-welled my dad after his 6 week stay. It has been great to have them visit and reminds us of the importance of family.

However, we have also been planning our escape again for the remainder of the calendar year, we re-enrolled our girls in the distance education program and they have been studying like mad at home in preparation for our travels this year.

On Tuesday we're off to the airport, heading to Xi'an in China to visit Helen's family and friends, then doing a little exploring in Beijing and Yunnan Province. This will be a real trains, planes and automobiles adventure.

I am sure there will be a few adventures along the way, it has been an interesting process trying to plan our travel in China after a year of just "mooching about" in Australia. Trying to choose hotels, day tours, train tickets and domestic flights in China has been a totally different experience for us, I think I prefer camping.

Stay tuned for a few updates as we travel, we have further plans for Australia later this year, involving our trusty 4WD and camper trailer, heading outback once again to explore a few more parts of this great southern land.

And for no real reason at all, here are a couple of recent pictures from our back yard, the colours of Autumn are appearing all around us with some beautiful Melbourne weather thrown in for good measure.

Regards Roy, Helen, Sophie & Zoe

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