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I think the garden missed us

Link to a few Queensland pictures:

To say there has been a gap, in our travel blog, is a tiny understatement. Last time I wrote anything (August) we were sitting comfortably in Cairns enjoying the Queensland winter weather. So please accept my apologies for being totally slack for the past 3 months and I will try to paint a picture of where we have been and what we have been doing.

I will keep this update short and then post some more small “postcards” in the coming days/weeks.

We are home in Melbourne after finishing our travels for 2019 (and the foreseeable future), the girls are back in school and have settled in seamlessly. As you will see from the pictures, we need to give our garden some TLC, it is great to be home under our own roof but we wish we could have brought the Queensland weather with us.

So, where have we been since mid-August? The short answer is Queensland, sprinting north from Cairns to just the other side of Cooktown, and then just working our way back down the coast, visiting a few familiar places, but trying to explore some of the coastline we missed last year.

We have had some amazing wildlife encounters with Cassowaries, Turtles, Lizards, Snakes and Birds, incredible scenery and probably the most amazing sunrise and sunsets of our travels.

The catch-line for Tourism Queensland is “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” and on our journey this year it has certainly rung true.

From Cairns we headed north through the Daintree River region and on to Cape Tribulation, then continued along the Bloomfield track, stopping at Wujal Wujal falls along the way before heading to Cooktown for a brief overnight stop before our most northerly destination this year at Elim Beach.

Wujal Wujal Falls, Far North Queensland

We stayed a few days there and would have stayed longer if the pesky solar blanket had been working properly. Once we left Elim Beach we started the long trek south towards home, no real plan except for a chance to see more of the far north Queensland coast than in 2018 and to try to fish as often as possible.

Elim Beach

I will put together a few short posts for each of these segments of our journey in the coming days and weeks, but this is a quick list of where we have been on the way south.

· Elim Beach to Toomulla Beach via Mareeba

· Toomulla Beach to Airlie Beach

· Airlie Beach to Cape Palmerston via Eungella

· Cape Palmerston to Rockhampton

· Rockhampton to Rainbow Beach

· Rainbow Beach to Moreton Island

· North Haven fishing

· Sneaking into Sydney and off home to Melbourne

It's a strange feeling sitting here starting to put together this information, just looking back at some of our pictures makes me want to pack the trailer and head north again (and not only because Melbourne has treated us to rain for 7 out of the 9 days we have been home so far).

There are times I think we have not done so much this year, and then I see a picture of a camp site at sunrise, a beach at sunset or pictures of the girls playing in the crystal clear waters on Queensland's beaches and rivers and think it is time to plan for more adventures.

Regards Roy, Helen, Zoe and Sophie

Thought for the day.

Don't fall in to the trap of saying "Someday". Dream it, put a date on your dream and then plan to make it happen. If all else fails just escape to Far North Queensland and let the magic happen to you.

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