Magnetic Island

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“Waking up now” said Dad. “What’s the time?” I said, “05:45” said dad.

What! Why are we getting up so early?

Today we are off to magnetic Island, a tropical island off the coast of Townsville. We packed lunch and drove to the ferry terminal where we boarded the ferry.

We parked on the ferry and took our books up to the passenger sitting area. The sea was very calm and there was a gentle breeze blowing to keep us cool on the 40-minute ferry trip.

Once we were there we got into the car and drove to Picnic Bay, to keep the car cool we found a shady parking spot next to some covered picnic tables.

After breakfast we walked onto the jetty where dad had a fish, and Sophie and me played on the shade structure at the end of the jetty.

After dad had a fish (he didn’t catch anything) we packed up and drove to Florence Bay, one of three bays on the eastern side of Magnetic Island.

It was beautiful with warm, crystal clear water and soft white sand on the beach. Once we were in the water we swam out towards some big rocks in the water and saw some brightly coloured fish.

After about an hour I got cramp in the back of my thigh, so we did a few stretches and got out of the water, it was my first time getting cramp and it felt like a terrible bee sting. Afterwards we got in the car we drove to Horseshoe Bay to have lunch.

After lunch, me and Sophie went down on the beach and had an 'island sand-cake building competition'. Sophie built her cake in the shape of a boat and I built a shade shelter with a chair. 15 minutes later dad came down and told us if we helped pack up we could have an ice cream.

After we packed up, we walked to the ice cream shop. I chose Lemon & Lime and Sophie chose Lemon Meringue. Mum and dad chose different flavours but they were all delicious and refreshing in the hot afternoon sun.

We still had a couple of hours before the ferry ride back to the mainland so we decided top go to Alma Bay, a beach on the southern side of Magnetic Island. There was a small playground and after playing for a few minutes we grabbed the snorkelling stuff and splashed into the water. After swimming just, a few metres I got cramp again and had to get out.

Mum gave me a massage and made me feel comfortable but that was the end of my swimming on Magnetic Island.

Dad and Sophie had a quick swim and soon afterwards we drove back to Picnic Bay and dad had another quick fish while mum, Sophie and me read books under a shady tree on the picnic mat.

I recommend going to Magnetic Island for a lovely relaxing holiday with a variety of activities from swimming and snorkelling in the crystal-clear water to enjoying some delicious cold ice creams.

by Zoe

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