Not all peaches and cream, Warroora Station, great fishing and wild weather

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When we left Carnarvon for Warroora station we had great expectations of great camping and sensational fishing, we had met a number of fellow travelers who had all recommended it as a great place to stay and we should be able to catch some decent fish from the beach. So, as we set up camp at the Lagoon campsite, just behind the dunes we were looking forward to a couple of exciting days.

Our first afternoon saw us catch a good number of fish for the table and also get busted off by some bigger fish with sharper teeth ☹ We caught Flathead, Threadfin Salmon, Dart, Tailor and had plenty for a good feed, as the light faded and we made our way back to out tent we were already thinking about fishing the next day and what other things we might catch.

In retrospect we should have also checked the weather report but trusting to luck and the hope for a good day fishing we spent more time checking the tide charts 😊. We were somewhat surprised by the change in weather as some rain blew in from the north west accompanied by some wild & blustery winds. There was no chance to fish and we spent the day hunkered down in our tent, checking ropes and pegs, adding ropes to tie the tent to the roof rack on the car and finally throwing as many straps and winch cables across the top of the tent to hold it down.

There was no chance of sleeping as the wind continued to increase overnight, I had to re-peg and rope a number of times in the dark with driving rain but eventually the wind prevailed. At 05:30 I got the girls out of bed and put them in the car for safety, Helen & I tried in vain to pack and secure the tent but just before sunrise the wind picked up the front of the tent and started to carry bits of it, and our furniture, away ☹. We spent a very miserable and frantic couple of hours getting our tent packed away and everything put inside the trailer, everything was covered in dust, sand and rain. Especially us.

And so, we limped out of Warroora station early that morning, heading into Exmouth to gather our thoughts and see if we had sustained any damage to the tent. Once again, we were forced into a cabin for a couple of nights, the saving grace being the torrential overnight rain as we were snug inside a sturdy cabin.

The next day we had a break in the weather and managed to sort things out, there was no major damage fortunately, just a great deal of cleaning and drying to get rid of the wet sand attached to everything.

There was however a small silver lining in this weather adventure, as we were in a cabin, we were able to watch game 1 of the State of Origin Series and to my great surprise and delight the NSW blues made mincemeat of the mighty QLD Maroons 😊.

And afterwards we were able to plan the next leg of our trip into Cape Range National Park and towards Karijni in a little comfort.

Stay tuned for the next installment as we finally get to Cape Range National Park and resume normal service with sunshine, smiles and astonishing Australian landscapes 😊

Regards Roy, Helen, Sophie & Zoe

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