Preparations for our Walkabout 2018

Newbury Walkabout tour 2018

It seems like an age ago that we returned home from our travels in October 2016, we had spent 4 months travelling around parts of Australia from June to October and absolutely loved it – for those of you with short memories the original blog can be found here and remember to start at the beginning 😊

Fast forward to September 2017; after 20 years at Cisco they decided they could do without me ☹ and for a short while we were left to ponder our future that didn’t include travelling all over Asia Pacific for work. It really didn’t take long to formulate the outline of a plan to resume our travels and visit some more of this amazing country.

So, from January 8th 2018 we will embark on a better lap of Australia, roughly following the coastline in a clockwise direction except for our first few weeks, that will be off to the east [Croajingalong and Ben Boyd National Parks, followed by a month in Tasmania] – below is a rough route map although Google maps wont let me put in all the places we plan to visit in a single page and I haven’t been able to do anything more complete, although I was quite pleased with the hand drawn doodling on the map of Tassie 😊

We have been steadily working through our preparation list, updated today as Zoe and Sophie were accepted in the Distance Education School for 2018 while we travel.

Their school year starts on January 30th 2018 while we are in Tasmania and with a blend of printed materials and an online learning platform they will combine an excellent year of physical and virtual schooling while experiencing more of what Australia has to offer.

We have upgraded our 4WD for the trip, another trusty 200 series Landcruiser it will be fitted with more appropriate suspension, a bull bar, winch, radio and snorkel just before Christmas and then a few small items to be fitted before the end of the year and hopefully we will be ready to start packing. We have made a few small changes to our camper trailer over the past year following the 2016 trip but are hoping there is little else to do to keep us sheltered and bug free on our travels.

We will try and post updates as we go, and hopefully let people know we have updated this page - it's a little different this time round and who knows how this web page will turn out in 12 months time.

Regards Roy, Helen, Zoe & Sophie

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