Still getting ready - "bling" for our truck

Newbury Walkabout tour 2018

Just a quick update as I continue to learn how to use the web site editor and add blogs to the web site – now with it’s own real Internet Domain Name…..

Our truck went in for minor surgery this week, and now we are one step closer to being ready to leave on January 8th. Our Landcruiser now has new suspension to help us deal with Australia’s outback roads plus carry the extra weight when we are towing the camper trailer and have a car full of things in the back. There is also a new bull bar [for catching kangaroos, sheep, cattle, emus, wombats and wallabies], a winch to get us out of trouble, recovery points and a snorkel so crossing water is safer for the mighty V8 twin turbo diesel lurking under the bonnet. The driving lights should get fitted today to complete the bling – then all we have to do is pack 😊

Also this week we met Zoe & Sophie’s teachers from the Distance Education School in Melbourne, they will be our constant companions on the trip as the girls do their schoolwork as we travel around Australia. School kicks off on the 30th January when we are travelling around Tasmania. The first couple of weeks see all of us learn “how to learn on the road and use the schools education systems”, will also be a good test of how we connect back via mobile broadband whilst travelling. We already have a mountain of paperwork and books to pack and take with us, plus 2 laptops, 2 iPads and phones… I can hear the hum of devices recharging already.

For now, to our families and friends around the corner and around the world, have an awesome time with your family and friends over the Christmas holidays.

Regards Roy, Helen, Zoe & Sophie

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