Tasmania, week two – sort of……

Strahan to Mount Field National Park.

link to a few pictures here, more to come


When we arrived in Strahan, the weather was a bit changeable [welcome to Tasmania where the old joke is “if you don’t like the weather, come back in half an hour 😊’ ]. Our campsite at Macquarie Heads, just 13kms out of town, was lucky to get the weather first and direct from the western beaches, but it also meant the showers generally blew through quite quickly. Our campsite was well sheltered from the wind and seemed to be a magnet for Pademelons to come visit our kitchen area, optimistically looking for a feed. We had a camp fire, cooked our first roast vegetables and then a chocolate carrot cake in the camp oven and really quite enjoyed this little two day stop.

Onward and eastward beckoned though and so we left Strahan, passed through Queenstown and its stark mountainsides left over from early mining and logging operations, we did take a few pictures but they really didn’t capture the essence of the place and so I deleted them to save a little hard drive space. Our destination was Derwent Bridge and Lake St Clair, we found a great little free camp for the night, enjoyed a quiet evening before watching the “Blue Moon” rise over the outskirts of Lake King William. My efforts at lunar photography are hideous but I have one almost passable shot.

The next day we arrived at Lake St Clair visitor centre, I hadn’t been here since walking the Overland Track 30 years ago, certainly had a bit of an upgrade and expansion. We walked along the foreshore and around Cynthia Bay to Platypus Bay [poor name – no platypus there] and back though a cultural walk. It is a great part of the world and an entry point to some longer walks, maybe when we come back in 30 years I will try another decent long walk 😊

And then off towards Mount Field National Park, just an hour so outside Hobart but still pretty quiet and relaxed. I had camped here with the boys back in the mid 1990’s when I lived in Tasmania, this place had changed a little too – more formal camping spaces and flush toilets [not that they were working but that’s a story for another time]. Russell Falls is the major attraction here and the walk through to the falls is quite idyllic, we continued on and walked to Horseshoe Falls and took a look at the Tall Trees walk just a little further on – by this time all the gum trees were starting to fall into two distinct types, alive or fallen. There is probably a technical term for all of this carnage in the forest but it seemed like a fair few trees had come down to make the footpath wider, safer, easier maybe.

And then, using Mount Field as a base, we went off to see Lake Pedder, an icon in the world of amazing lakes in Tasmania, and one that spawned the creation of the worlds first Political Green Party trying to save the original Lake Pedder from being flooded to make way for Hydro developments [It was a National Park at the time – but it didn’t save it from change]. For those of you with a few moments – take a look here

For us, today, Lake Pedder is still a beautiful lake in an incredible corner of Tasmaina, and we were fortunate to have great weather to get a glimpse of what all the fuss was about. At time it felt a little like driving in northern Italy with the grandeur of the scenery – glimpses of seemingly white sand beaches along a dazzlingly azure blue lake. Awesome day.

And today, another little walk around Lake Dobson, just up the road from our campsite and an afternoon spent sitting under the tree in the warm shade, enjoying the quiet of time in a beautiful part of the world. Makes me realise just how fortunate we are in Australia.

Tomorrow, probably, we will head off to Bruny Island in the hope of fishing the southern beaches and catching a feed of flathead, but just in case that doesn’t work out too well we will shop at Woolworths on the way 😊.

The girls have started their online schooling – so far so good, we are all learning how to learn again and I am beginning to realise I may need to brush up my grade 4 maths

Regards Roy, Helen, Sophie & Zoe

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